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Stephen is one of the most experienced coaches in the UK, with over 10,000 hours experience in coaching, counselling and psychotherapy.

Stephen is the Founder of Music Industry Coaches (MIC) and has coached in over 100 organisations globally. He has worked with Music Artists, Music Artist’s Managers, Senior Global Record Label Executives, CEOs, SVPs, Entrepreneurs, Celebrities, High Net Worth individuals and families. 

Stephen has invested extensively in his own personal development and this sets him apart from other coaches. He completed 12 years of weekly therapy, 6 years group therapy, 9 years monthly training in Humanistic counselling and Gestalt Psychotherapy (see video below which explains the concept of ‘wholeness’ in enabling powerful Psychological strength).  He is currently completing Mental Health First Aid Instructor training. 

Stephen has a Masters Degree in Gestalt Coaching and is a credited in Myers Briggs and Hogan Personality Assessments.

Stephen is also a Trustee of the Charity Help Musicians UK, Mental Health Ambassador for Music4MentalHealth, and an associate member of the Music Managers Forum (MMF).

Stephen Daltrey

Elite Coach

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Elite Services:

Artist Managers

An artist manager’s job has become incredibly challenging over the years, factors include:
· Increased stress and pressure.
· No training course that can teach all you need to know, and so success comes through trial and error, luck and judgement and a good dose of challenge.
· Some managers’ report feeling isolated and alone, subject to imposter syndrome.
· Some are overwhelmed through the sheer volume and complexity of artist management today where everyone looks to them for the answer.


Most artist managers tend to focus 100% of their attention on the artist alone, ambitious and successful artist managers looking to build a sustained career and escape the challenges listed above understand it’s time to invest in themselves too.

As an artist manager your Number One business tool is yourself and if you want to grow and move towards your unique future success, you need to grow yourself. And the fastest, most effective way to do that is through coaching. Stephen works from the inside out growing Artist Managers through his unique powerful personal development 4 Step Elite Artist Manager Process:

· 1. Build your Strategic Vision. Being able to see the wood for the trees and identifying and navigating your path to true success. This gives you a greater sense of confidence, choice, control, balance and direction.
· 2. Develop your Powerful Presence. Greater personal presence and impact enabling stronger more effective relationships by being a more powerful influencer, ie with the labels and others, a trusted advisor and respected business partner at all levels.
· 3. Transfer of Coaching Skills. A better coach to your artist, managing their multiple requests and artistic needs while supporting them to achieve their true success. This includes the ability to identify and resolve early potential artist mental health or resilience issues.
· 4. Business Skills Upgrade. Identify the right business partners and be better at decision making and understanding the key business drivers through greater clarity and situational awareness.

By investing in your Number One business tool and growing yourself, you will naturally grow your business. You don’t have to do it alone!


Being a music artist is a challenging choice of career where the highs are high and the lows are low. Factors include:
· Touring - everyone on tour with you is being paid by you, this can lead to feeling you are surrounded by yes people
· Once signed- you were an artist, you are now a business, i.e. social media-responsibility on you to market yourself, your Instagram should be as good as your songs.
· Fame can be very difficult and not what you might expect
· As an artist you can feel you should be grateful for where you are and so it can be hard to say I’m having difficulty as there is a Mental Health stigma


Stephen works from the inside out growing Artists through his unique powerful personal development 5 Step Elite Artist Process:

·1. Build your internal resilience. Through elite coaching, you can develop your personal resilience and gain multiple tools and techniques for dealing with numerous challenges, success and fame and a have a greater ability to deal with anxiety and stress
· 2. Artistic vision, Your whole vision starts with you and identifying the people who will support and enable you to move forward. Making the music you want and doing the show you want to do.
· 3. Support on tour – Solo artists particularly need support , Stephen is available for Zoom sessions, 24/7 call support or accompanying you on tour.
· 4. Business Acumen Improve your career strategy, decision making, time management and target setting. Understand how to build and grow better relationships with those around you.
· 5. Build a healthy happy artist -You will understand yourself better, be happier and grow in confidence. You will become a better performer through greater psychological wellbeing, confidence and focus.

Elite Status

Stephen is one of the most experienced coaches in the UK having helped people at all levels achieve their potential including CEO’s of some of the world’s most successful organisations, entrepreneurs, celebrities, members of wealthy families, senior military leaders including ex special forces, the judiciary in over 100 organisations globally.

Stephen is available to work with you to achieve elite status in your chosen field of endeavour.

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