Invest in you

Invest in you


If you are a glass half full person then it’s likely that, like me you will use some of the enforced Coronavirus change as an opportunity to reflect on where you are and what you would like to achieve in your life and career. As you consider the goals you would like to achieve, I would like to encourage you to understand you do not need to do it alone.
I believe you will have far greater success in both identifying what you really want to achieve and developing and delivering a plan to succeed, when you work with another human being who has the sufficient skills, experience and self- awareness to support you in a coaching relationship.

We all lead busy lives and there are many pressures on how we use our time, yet I know from experience that a coach at the gym ( when they are open!) will push me much harder than I push myself and will also motivate me to achieve my goals, even at 0630 on a rainy morning!

Today, everyone is under more pressure than ever before. Look at the current carnage in the retail sector in the UK where the majority of traditional retailers are struggling with the new paradigm. The people leading those organisations are under intense scrutiny and pressure from the press, investors, employees and undoubtedly the personal pressure they exert on themselves to succeed. Why should they have to do it alone? It’s the same with artists and performers, social media means everyone is an instant critic.

The history of psychology demonstrates the incredible power of two people coming together, one in service of the other’s growth and potential. If you can identify with what I have written so far, and you don’t have a coach then I would seriously ask you to take a good long hard look at yourself. What is it that drives you? Is it a fear of failure? Is it a desperate need to succeed? and if so, what’s the driver underneath that? Are you trying to prove something to someone or a group of people? What is it that gives you most satisfaction in life? If you take yourself forward towards the end of your life and look at where you are now in the context of your whole life, are you truly right now on the path and direction that is right for you, are you optimising your personal resources to maximum effect in order to succeed?

The answer to these questions and many more will become clear to you through the process of coaching. A coach will encourage you to apply this understanding in order to create your ideal plan to act on succeed beyond Coronavirus and this temporary hiatus. Good luck on your journey, I hope you succeed and remember, “Everyone Needs a Coach” and that includes you!

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