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Stephen Daltrey who was introduced to me by the Record Label who are taking the mental health of their staff and artists very seriously. Both Mahalia and I (we are both comfortable letting everyone know) have been working with Stephen and I can personally recommend him as being exceptionally good at his job.

Bernadette Barrett – Big Bear Artist Management

Stephen is an intense and thoughtful listener who has the professional judgement to use what he hears and develop a well-structured discussion to inform and guide constructive self-analysis and improvement. He has a wealth of experience and insights to draw upon and my time with him certainly provided highly welcomed support to the way I did my business. I looked forward to our engagements and took away much value from every one.

Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope GCB OBE DL
Former First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff

I have found Stephen’s coaching style and indeed the whole coaching experience to be a real revelation. It has had a positive effect on the way I approach my professional engagement, encouraging me to take a more informed, detached view of my performance and potential, and enabling realistic, practical steps to improvement.

Sir Alan Massey KCB CBE ADC
CEO MCA ( Maritime and Coastguard Agency)

On becoming CEO of Gala Coral there were a myriad of challenges facing me in running a 20,000 people organisation. Stephen’s role as coach has been extremely important to me during this time.

Dominic Harrison CEO Gala Coral

Qtel identified the need for senior leaders to be provided with a programme of coaching support to achieve its business and human capital goals. I meet with three coaches and chose Stephen for his calm personal style, level of experience, integrity and values.

Ajay Bahri Group CFO
Qtel (Qatar Telecom)

Stephen has provided invaluable support to me during three high profile executive appointments. His perceptive, constructive approach and ability to challenge my thinking and approach has been first class. I have been all the more effective for it.

Sir Charles Montgomery KBE Director General UK Border Force

Stephen is very personable and was skilled at creating an individual coaching relationship with each of the four directors, enabling him to challenge and support each person to gain insight into the way they interact with others and achieve their personal and corporate goals.

Debbie Jones Senior Vice President Corporate Development, Inmarsat Plc

After many years as Chief Executive of a government agency I recently retired. Prior to that period of major change Stephen was able to help me prepare myself for that transition and smooth the way to a more balanced life style of semi-retirement.

Phillip Webb, Former CEO
Police Information Technology Organisation (PITO)

Stephen quickly established trust and enabled me to develop a set of positive actions to achieve success. I have found working with Stephen really beneficial in supporting me in my role.

Chris Keane, Head of Consumer Lending
Barclays Retail

The executive coaching I have received has helped me to improve my capability as a leader to respond to a variety of challenges. It has increased my understanding of what motivates me to perform well and how I approach my role within LBG. It has helped me channel my own energy more effectively in my role and has begun to remove some obstacles to further higher levels of performance.

Christian Roberts, Head of IT, Risk & Fraud
Lloyds Banking Group

I was given the opportunity to work with Stephen to support a successful transition from my CFO role to COO. Stephen met with our CEO and myself to identify objectives for the coaching and then Stephen and I worked together over a number of meetings to achieve those objectives. I found it very beneficial to be able to discuss the many opportunities and challenges of my role, gain feedback and apply different thought processes and practical techniques. Stephen was also able to help focus and shape my own unique leadership style to utilise across the organization and in my future career. Working with Stephen has been a very positive experience and one I can recommend to others.

Paul Cooper
COO Dimension Data

Stephen is a very experienced coach and has remarkable skills in enabling his coachee to articulate thoughts and concerns about future directions. Stephen’s approach is highly focussed throughout the entire session.

Richard Morris CEO
The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM)

Stephen’s integrity shines through in his relaxed and supportive style. He doesn’t judge but does challenge you to examine your own behaviour and its effect on the people around you. The result is that he makes you feel that you have the capacity not only to improve your own skills, but also other people’s perceptions of them, by understanding their requirements.

Stephen Jackson Product Director Tom Tom

I worked with Stephen over a period of 18 months. In that time I achieved increased confidence in dealing with both my direct reports and line manager which led to improved team and self-motivation and effectiveness as a manager and mentor.

Tony Lincoln, Head of Commercial,
Disneyland Resort Paris

Stephen is a great and a highly skilled coach. He is clear, concise, patient, focused, and confident, a confidence which he spreads easily to the coachee. In any coaching session with Stephen I become infused with optimism, and an unwavering awareness of what’s possible (not merely what’s predictable!).

Dr. Karl Birthistle MRCPI, MSC, FRCPath, MFPM
Director Safety and Clinical Assessment,
Philip Morris International, Neuchatel, Switzerland

I like working with Stephen. I find him very personable and feel that he has an excellent ability to challenge my perceptions on self and colleagues. As the world opens up, he is also a constructive partner in helping to find ways to use the new-found clarity to improve relationships.

Nils Solvang Vice President, Information Systems
Inmarsat Plc

I worked with Stephen Daltrey for the first time through the Nokia Inspiring Leader programme, where I came in contact with his exceptional skills in facilitating a learning environment with a group of managers.

Maurizio Giardini Senior Manager, Nokia Connected Computers (Finland)

Working with Stephen has been a fantastic and life-changing experience, making me more effective both inside and outside of work. He’s highly skilled at coaching, at holding up the mirror so that you can see yourself and what you might want to change or adapt, and how you might go about it.

David Smith, Group IT Director, Oxford University Press

I have worked with Stephen over a period of a year and a half, during which time he has focussed me on how I see myself and on how others see me. This has proved to be invaluable in my dealings with people, particularly as my work is people orientated.

Stephen Quant Director Employee Relations Skanska UK plc

Stephen is a great communicator. Listening, questioning, challenging, reviewing, Stephen was excellent. Stephen provided me with new skills throughout the sessions. These skills continue to be used daily.

Jim Moore St Athan Site Director, DARA ( Defence Aviation Repair Agency)

Working with Stephen allowed me to question my way of looking at the world and has left me both empowered to approach things differently and yet to be more confident in who I am. I found his unstructured and emergent approach to coaching sessions fascinating.

Katie Giachardi
Head of Organisation Development, ACCA

Stephen has allowed me to discover that by having a much greater awareness of myself, what is important to me and how my behaviours impact on others, the strategies to resolve, or avoid completely these situations are entirely within my own control & ability.

David Donald Regional Operations Manager – Supply Chain
Boots The Chemists Plc

My experience of working with Stephen has been very invigorating. Stephen is very stimulating to work with and his personable style means that we can have a full and frank discussion. Stephen does not hide from challenging questions and statements. These have been turned into positive outcomes for me.

Graham Donald, Chief Operating Officer-Broker Sales
Picture Financial Ltd

Stephen has a very pleasant personality, and a manner which encourages open dialogue. He probes issues in a non-threatening, constructive way. Engaging with him undoubtedly helps build self-confidence and self-belief. All in all my experience of working with Stephen was entirely positive and helpful.

James Rapp Director General Trafalgar 200

Stephen is an inspirational coach who helped me make creative space in my working life and use it wisely to think, plan and act beyond the day to day organisational detail. Many months on, what I came to know through working with Stephen is still hugely influential in my leadership role – which is surely the mark of a superb coach.

Alison Crossley, Managing Director Item ( Publishing) Consultancy

Stephen’s ability to counsel and gently advise, rather than direct or impose solutions, resulted in my finding answers to my concerns from within. This gave me inner strength and confidence regarding my future and my ability to succeed within it, which otherwise might have been difficult to acquire.

Phillip Jacobs QPM, former Deputy Chief Constable

I found Stephen to be extremely professional and quickly established a level
of trust and openness that ensured the maximum benefit was received from each
session. I can highly recommend this form of managerial support to others.

Mike Smyth MBA, MSc, MA, M I Fire E
Deputy Chief Fire Officer Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service

What I gained from working with Stephen was a much deeper understanding of who I am. He enabled me to question fundamentals about the way I behave and helped me to unravel the events that have led me to build defensive habits.

Ian Doughty Deputy Site Director, DARA Sealand ( North Wales)

I worked with Stephen shortly after joining the County Council, and I found that he enabled me to consider my own style, and how I was perceived by others. By doing so I believe he helped me to develop as a senior manager, and to help my own staff to develop in turn.

Sue Scane, Head of Finance and Procurement Oxfordshire County Council

– Excellent, clear and structured way of presenting things. Nice and relaxed atmosphere. Good articulation.
– Very nice –no-nonsense style; speaks of experience. I appreciated his personal examples from his own career.
– Stephen did a very good job. Was clear in his presentation.
– Stephen gave me very valuable coaching on the first day, which impacted strongly on the second day –very much appreciated.
– Stephen is a good story teller. Very experienced coach. Dedicated to this team. Good organizer.
– Very good coaching sessions. I got good examples of my way behave and also good practical tips how to develop myself.
– Great person, good skills and experience, knows what he is talking about, excellent way to coach.
– Giving him 100% for us & our development! Fun!
– Very enthusiastic and energetic presenter. Good humoured and a very positive challenger.
– You feel good working with him. I would hire him in my team.

Nokia Global Inspiring Leader Programme- Comments from participants

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