Effective Communication

I recently ran a Q&A session on communication for a national association. Over the next couple of articles I’ll share some of the insights, as there’s a lot of common ground for everyone.

If you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail

We all know that too much stress is bad for us, yet we live in stressful times. Many of us are under intense pressure at work.

Two more secrets to powerful relationships

When we meet new people, either at work or socially, most of us want to make a good first impression.

Three steps to creating powerful relationships

In my previous article I promised you I would share some tools to go deeper into creating powerful relationships. Let me begin with a true story.

Turn on, Tune in but don’t Drop out

Timothy Leary’s “Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out” mantra defined the 1960’s Hippie counterculture movement. The phrase was a call for people to drop out of the mainstream consumer culture and tune in to themselves.

Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own

Several years ago, Sir Richard Branson responded positively to my book idea based on Napoleon Hill’s classic ‘Think And Grow Rich’.

4 Steps to Balance your Inner & Outer Wealth

In my previous article, I discussed the concept of balance as a fundamental law of nature and psychological well-being.

What is Wealth Psychology?

Wealth psychology refers to how individuals think, feel, and behave regarding wealth and financial success.

Differences between Coaching and Therapy

Coaching & therapy are both valid in the right circumstances. In the absence of a clinical need to support an individual, coaching can be an effective choice. 

Is This It?

If you took the opportunity over the break to evaluate your personal satisfaction linked to your ‘success’ and recognised a question mark, you would not be alone.